You can create your own page at ShopDonation within a minute. But what can you do to raise as much money as possible? Read all the points below.

How to raise as much as possible

The main thing that brings in donations is promotion. You just need to create your own unique page online and tell your friends and followers about the possibility to donate to your project free of charge. Read the first step tips below: 

ShopDonation step 1: own page and weblink

You may also find people who want to support your cause for free in groups with similar interests on Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter, Instagram etc. Social Media is the perfect opportunity to find these people! With a single message on such a group or page you can already find a lot of like-minded people.

Place the banner below on your website homepage and make it a hyperlink to your own ShopDonation page. At the bottom of the banner you can add your own ShopDonation-link.


To give an example, if the project name is Future for Nature and the URL is, this is how the banner would look:


How to do this?

Simply open the picture in any Paint or Photoshop program. First remove the text (by pasting the same orange color bar over the text). After this, write your own URL using this font in font size 64 - color white.

Text on your website​​​​​

It is of course useful for your visitors to read a short explanation of how ShopDonation works. For that we also have a sample text that you can use. Download it below and enter the name of your project + weblink where it's indicated.

Example text website

Send the text below as an introduction to your friends, family and colleagues!

Dear friends / colleagues,

Do you ever shop online? 
Then from now on you can support a social project of your choice for FREE.

If you make purchases via for example at, Ebay, AliExpress or another,
a part of the purchase amount always gets donated to a cause or project of your own choosing. 
Without having to pay anything extra - you pay exactly the same price.

I have created my own project at ShopDonation, called: [name of project here] and aim 
to raise [monetary goal amount here]. If you are going to make online purchases, 
​​​​​​would you like to choose and support this project for me?

Anytime you use [URL of your ShopDonation-page here], 
you support our cause for free and make a difference!

Thank you very much.

Download the ShopDonation flyer below for free and promote your cause! You can add your own details on the flyer, please read the instructions below.


(This image can be used for A5, A4 and even poster format A2 and A0)

Write your own project name + web link on a poster/flyer.

- Open the JPG file and write your project name on the dotted line with color code 08B75E, font size 24, using this font.
- Write your own web link in the orange box, font size 15,  color black, using this font. We would advise to write your own subpage in bold, like

Every time you send an email you can promote your project!

Place your weblink as an automatic signature in your emails, whether it's private or business.
In the document below we have given some simple examples.

Email signature

Perhaps an obvious piece of advice, but do you use all channels to promote your project?

Besides Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Twitter, you can appeal to your business network via LinkedIN, alert colleagues at work, hand out flyers on birthdays or share your project with the neighborhood. The more the merrier!

We always share interesting offers, updates and news on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and via our newsletter.

Tell your supporters to follow these channels from ShopDonation.
We always take care of reminders so that people do not forget to donate for free when shopping!

Ask people to save your unique page / weblink, or even better set it as their browser start page. This way they can always remember to donate for free to your social project!