Partnership with WorldFair

Is your initiative aiming to do some good in the world? Then we’ve got good news for you!

Through an exciting collaboration with, ShopDonation offers unique, exclusive deals to any project that’s looking for extra funding and exposure.

What does WorldFair offer?

Free exposure

When submitting your project’s video (or other promotional material) to, your initiative receives free promotion on WorldFair’s social media channels ánd website. You can submit your video material here.

Lowest possible prices on filming and/or editing

In case you don’t have a ready-to-go video that shows what your initiative is about, then WorldFair offers their service for affordable prices, whether you’ll need video-editing or filming on location worldwide*. On top of that, if your project is signed up at ShopDonation your video will receive a free placement for a month on the homepage of WorldFair.

In this way even the smallest projects out there can get a much-needed representative (promotional) video made with the expertise and experience of WorldFair on how to catch the essence of your initiative.

Request a quote, without any obligation here

The best part (coming up): earning money with your video

Once your video is published at WorldFair, you’ll be receiving a cut of the ad revenue that WorldFair generates with the video.

You read it right, when your video is watched on YouTube, Facebook and/or LinkedIN, you’ll receive income, so the more inspiring and higher quality your video, the bigger the rewards. WorldFair is still building up, so this will be happening over time.

Read more about it here

Two sources of income

Through this collaboration, we’re offering you two sources of income. Even without any money, you could raise funds through ShopDonation’s platforms in multiple countries, and with that freely earned income invest a part in a quality video filmed and/or edited by WorldFair. That video could earn it’s money back (and more), besides the promotion and the exposure it will generate for your initiative.

Sounds too good to be true? We’ll take it as a compliment. At your service!

Check out WorldFair's website: