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There are 4 payout dates per year, whereby payment is made after a minimum of £50 is raised.

There is always a minimum period of 3 months between the time of purchase and time of pay out. 

On 01-01 the amount paid out is collected from donations during 01-07 to 30-09 *

On 01-04, the amount paid out will be collected from donations during 01-10 to 31-12 *

On 01-07 the amount is paid from donations during 01-01 to 31-03 *

On 01-10 the amount paid out will be collected from donations during 01-04 to 30-06 *

* If in a quarter the minimum of £50 is not raised, the amount shifts to the next period, until the minimum of £50 has been rasied.

You can check the status of any transaction related to your casue under "My account > My project". 


It can take up to 24 hours to receive your email confirmation and for your account to update with the transaction. 

​​​​​​If you still have not received confirmation after 24 hours, please fill out the contact form.

When can something go wrong?

- If you have previously clicked on the webshop via another affiliate website, such as a discount code website/comparison website. In this case, the commission will go to this affiliate website instead of ShopDonation and the donation will not come through.

- If you have installed Adblocker. Cookies are blocked and the tracking process does not work properly. Turn this off when shopping via ShopDonation.

- If the cookie settings on a PC / laptop are 'very strict', the tracking process does not work.

*Computers in places of work are often quite restricted.

Tips that help the registration of the purchase

- Do not interrupt the ordering process

- Do not make a purchase through multiple computers

- Wait until you reach the "thank-you page".

Do not approach the webshop yourself

- The cooperation between the webshop and ShopDonation is only known to the marketing department of the webshop (as the cooperation is based on the ''affiliate marketing'' principle, we are technically part of their advertising).

When you approach the customer service of a webshop, they will most probably not know anything about the cooperation with ShopDonation, unless you speak to someone from their marketing department.

Rather send the missed purchase to ShopDonation, then we will approach our contact person from the webshop.


Before a store can be added to the ShopDonation's catalouge, they must first be registered with an "affiliate system" such as or

These systems then provide the infastructure to track who is visiting your store and whether they have come through a partner, such as 

Do you still have a question? Fill in the contact form and we will come back to you as soon as possible.

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