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There are 4 payout dates per year, wherein payment is made after a minimum of £50 has been raised. There is always a minimum period of 3 months between the moment of donation and the paying out of this.

On 01-01 the amount paid out is collected from donations during 01-07 to 30-09*
On 01-04, the amount paid out will be collected from donations during 01-10 to 31-12*
On 01-07 the amount is paid from donations during 01-01 to 31-03*
On 01-10 the amount paid out will be collected from donations during 01-04 to 30-06*

*If in a quarter the minimum of £50, is not achieved, then the amount shifts to the next period, until this minimum of £50, is achieved.

You can see in My account - My project which status a transaction has. This way you can always keep an eye on how much has been collected and how much will be paid out.

If a cause deregisters

- If a cause deregisters from ShopDonation, the amount raised under £50 will of course, be paid out.

- If the cause no longer exists or stops their activity, and there is no longer any desire to receive this money, they can also choose to donate this amount to another cause. The receiving cause will then confirm that they have received the money.



It can take up to 48 hours before you can see a confirmation of the donation in your account and for you to receive a confirmation email. If you still have not received confirmation after 48 hours, please fill out the contact form. We will contact the webshop and can often still retrieve the donation for you.

When can something go wrong?

- If you have previously clicked to the webshop via another affiliate website, such as a discount code website or comparison website. In this case, the commission will go to this affiliate website instead of ShopDonation and the donation will not come through.

- If you use a browser or software that blocks cookies. When cookies are blocked the tracking process does not work. Switch any Adblocking software* off while using ShopDonation and enable cookies in your browsers, click here to read how. * Firewall software like ZoneAlarm or Norton internet security, has adblocking option switched on by default.

- The cookies at the webshop were not accepted. Always click ''yes'' or ''ok'' when asked for cookie consent at the webshop.

- When a VPN, or a proxy server is used on ShopDonation.

- Browser extensions linking to shopping rewards or coupon sites are enabled while using ShopDonation.

- If the cookie settings on a device are set to 'very strict', the tracking process will not work. Computers that are used in a business environment / the office are often set to this mode.

Tips to make your purchases successfully result in donations:

- Delete your cookies before making a purchase through ShopDonationThis will prevent earlier clicks, saved by cookies, from attributing the commission to other websites. Together with allowing (third-party) cookies, this is the most successful solution to prevent missed purchases.

- Do not interrupt the ordering process or do any other browsing after you've clicked the webshop-link.

- Do not make a purchase through multiple tabs or devices.

- Wait until you reach the "thank-you page".

- Do not use the mobile app of the webshop (except and Aliexpress), only use the mobile browser of the webshop.

- Do not visit the webshop itself before clicking from ShopDonation.

- At the webshop make sure your shopping basket is empty when you arrive. Otherwise some webshops may not attribute the sales to ShopDonation.

- Only use discount/voucher codes from ShopDonation, otherwise the commission might not be given.

- Don't make a purchase through a phonecall or livechat, the commission will not be attributed to ShopDonation.

- Only use supported webbrowsers, which are Google Chrome versions 21+, Firefox versions 15+, Microsoft Edge all, Internet Explorer versions 11+ and Safari versions 6+.

If a device and browser have generated a donation correctly before on ShopDonation, we recommend always using these when shopping through ShopDonation.

Read more detailed information on how the tracking system works and how to prevent missed purchases here.


Do not approach the webshop yourself

- The cooperation between the webshop and ShopDonation is only known to the marketing department of the webshop (as the cooperation is based on the ''affiliate marketing'' principle, we are technically part of their advertising).

When you approach the customer service of a webshop, they will most probably not know anything about the cooperation with ShopDonation, unless you speak to someone from their marketing department.

Rather send the missed purchase to ShopDonation, then we will approach our contact person from the webshop.


Before a webshop can be added to the collection of ShopDonation, a shop/company first has to make the choice to take part in affiliate marketing.

You have to register as a webshop at a site like or They take care of the entire tracking, i.e. the storage of the cookies, the registration where one can see the click through path from Shopdonation to the relevant shop, and that the bonus is finally awarded to ShopDonation.

We have also registered with the mentioned tracking systems and there we can agree to enter into a collaboration.

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