Company purchases

By making business purchases via ShopDonation, companies can generate free donations for social initiatives. All that needs to be done is clicking through via ShopDonation to business providers (such as Dell, Microsoft, Office Deals, Vista Print, and consequently making a purchase there. The company pays the exact same amount it would pay normally, there are no additional or hidden costs. There is also no data collected, sold or passed on.

How is this possible?

The online retailers give ShopDonation a commission after every purchase, which our system automatically converts into a donation. With each purchase, the company can choose which cause the donations are given to. If these purchases are made on a structural basis, it can generate a continuous source of income for a social project - something that can make a huge difference.

Like that, we together redistribute commercial bonuses to useful initiatives in society. Read here how ShopDonation makes this possible.

Business providers

In our overview of online stores you will find the business category, where all providers of business products and services are listed in an overview. Lucrative categories include business subscriptions/contracts, insurance, office supplies, printing, airline tickets and hotel bookings.

Purchases through account managers

Large business purchases are often made by telephone via an account manager, whereby a regular customer discount is agreed upon. This means that this purchase cannot be made online via ShopDonation and therefore does not result in a free donation. Other purchases, often in the above categories, can online lead to donations via ShopDonation.

Small and medium-sized entreprises

In practice, ShopDonation is often best suited to small and medium-sized businesses. The most successful examples are regional IT and computer support companies, which regularly make online purchases for their customers and are thus able to generate a large amount of free donations.

Going to make a business purchase? Test it out

If you are planning to make a business purchase, test the ShopDonation system and see if it works. This way, both individuals and companies can make a simple, concrete and useful contribution and give substance to their social involvement.

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