Company purchases

Business purchases can generate substantial donations.

If, as a company, you'd like to give a simple but useful donation to showcase your social involvement, consider making purchases via ShopDonation.

Through our business category you can view all providers of products and services relevant to your operation. Lucrative categories are business subscriptions, hotel bookings, insurance, office supplies, and printer ink.

Donations from these purchases can make a huge difference to social initiatives.

If you are an employee of a company, you could consult the management or head of purchasing to discuss buying through ShopDonation.

* Significantly large purchases from companies often go by telephone via an account manager, where a fixed customer discount is agreed. This means that this purchase does not go through ShopDonation and therefore does not result in a donation.

However, other purchases, often in the categories mentioned above, are not made through an account manager and therefore have the possibility to make donations via ShopDonation.