HOW it works

Through ShopDonation you can donate for free by shopping at all affiliated webshops. You only need to click on the shop (such as eBay, or Ali Express) and make a purchase. This does not cost you anything extra! At the top right of the screen, you see the cause that is supported as soon as you go shopping. You can change this yourself at any time. Once you have logged in, your chosen project will be saved.

Where does this donation come from?

When ShopDonation delivers a ''customer'' to a webshop, we receive a commission as a ''reward''. This is often a percentage of the purchase price, sometimes a fixed amount (for example in the case of insurance or telephone subscription). ShopDonation passes 75% of this bonus to the cause of your choice! We use the other 25% for our own expenses.

Example: You buy shoes for £100. Because you shopped through Shopdonation, we receive £8, of which £6 (= 75% of £8) goes automatically to the project you have chosen.

What is the potential of a system like this?

You can find almost everything that can be bought online via ShopDonation. In 2018, £96 billion was sold online in the UK and if 'everyone would shop via a concept such as ShopDonation', that could yield hundreds of millions for causes where funding is needed to make a difference. All of this is possible while no one pays anything extra, because a part of your purchase amount simply becomes a donation.

In order to make this system known to everyone, we need your assistance. ShopDonation does not have a business model to set up large ads or make a commercial on TV. It is a project that only becomes known when it is shared and passed on to each other. Only then can it have an ever greater and positive influence on society.

We always welcome your input for playful media activities to keep supporters engaged. Every contribution from ideas to connections, to writing an article not only makes us happy, but you also help others on ShopDonation!

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