Transaction System Overview

International, universal tracking system

To begin with, we must first prevent a misunderstanding about the tracking system: this system is not from ShopDonation, but from the webshops. They all make use of the same system that is used internationally by all major parties, such as Amazon, eBay, AliExpress etc.

ShopDonation receives the information about the purchases from these webshops, not from our own tracking system. This information that ShopDonation receives is anonymous; we only receive the order amount, order number and commission from the relevant webshop.

Automatic delivery of transactions

ShopDonation then passes 75% of the commission on to the chosen cause (and links the purchase to the user on ShopDonation, if they were logged in). We do this by providing a code in our links that only has meaning for the ShopDonation system, i.e. the webshop will not understand that a code "12345xyz" "means a specific user or cause in the database of ShopDonation.

The ShopDonation database automatically receives the transactions made at these webshops every day and ShopDonation cannot manually adjust or delete these. We can only adjust the cause that the donation is assigned to, should a buyer mistakenly choose the wrong cause.

What can cause a missed purchase - and how to avoid it?

If a click from ShopDonation to the webshop does not register properly, the donation will not be linked to ShopDonation and thus the chosen cause. According to our statistics, one or two out of the 1000+ purchases that automatically go well per month are miss-tracked. Reasons for this are:

Clicks from other websites

- If the webshop was previously clicked to via another affiliate website, such as a discount code website or comparison website, then the click will not be assigned to ShopDonation. Some webshops also count a click from a Google Ad as another affiliate channel. In this case, the commission will go to this other affiliate party instead of ShopDonation, and the donation will not be received by us.

* Some webshops initially allocate the purchase (with status "pending") to all channels involved, while in the end only one channel is awarded the commission. The purchase will then later be given the status "rejected" to the losing parties. You can read more about the different statuses of purchases further below. 

Attention: Cookies are often stored on a computer for up to 2 weeks, so that earlier clicks that have been forgotten for a long time can still have an impact on the tracking process. This can also happen when a shared computer is in use and clicks are made by another person to the same webshop, for example via a channel such as a discount code website. That person can unintentionally cause the commission not to go to ShopDonation but to another party.

If a click was previously made from another website, an effective way to avoid a missed sale is to simply use another device or browswer that has no previous clicks to the webshop.

If you don't have the option to use another device or browser, another effective strategy is to delete your cookies before using ShopDonation. The explanation for how to do this can be found here. This works most of the time, but there are new tracking techniques being developed that undermine these methods. 

Cookie blocking software / browsers

- If cookies are blocked this disrupts the tracking process. There are a lot of other plug-ins nowadays that (rightly) stop all kinds of advertising and spam by blocking cookies. You can of course keep this, but turn it off when accessing ShopDonation to avoid a missed purchase.

Examples that can disturb the tracking process:
  • Adblocker, or a similar ad blocking program, is switched on while using ShopDonation.
  • Cookies (third-party cookies as well) are blocked through your browser-settings while using ShopDonation. Check here how to enable them for each supported browser. *Supported browsers are Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and/or Internet Explorer (Microsoft Edge)
  • Firewall software like ZoneAlarm or Norton internet security, has adblocking option switched on while using ShopDonation.
  • A VPN, or a proxy server is used on ShopDonation.
  • Browser extensions linking to shopping rewards or coupon sites are enabled while using ShopDonation.
  • Network level traffic blocking, like Bitdefender, Pi-hole or Tor is enable while using ShopDonation. Switch this off or add our website as an exception.
  • On mobile, content blockers are enabled while using ShopDonation.
  • If the cookie settings on a device are set to 'very strict', the tracking process will not work. Computers that are used in a business environment / the office are often set to this mode.
If a device and browser have generated a donation correctly before on ShopDonation, we recommend always using these when shopping through ShopDonation.

Other actions that can disrupt the tracking process
  • The cookies at the webshop were not accepted. Always click ''yes'' or ''ok'' when asked for cookie consent at the webshop.
  • Multiple tabs are open or multiple devices are used during the ordering process and/or the ordering process has been interrupted for a long time. Simply do not wander off after the click from ShopDonation has been made and make the purchase within an hour.
  • Purchase didn't come out of a unique click (happens when our affiliate-link is saved and used, instead of clicking from our platform), causing most webshops to cancel the commission later on.
  • Do not use the mobile app of the webshop (except and Aliexpress), just use the mobile browser of the webshop.
  • Do not visit the webshop itself before clicking from ShopDonation.
  • At the webshop make sure your shopping basket is empty when you arrive. Otherwise some webshops may not attribute the sales to ShopDonation.
  • Only use discount/voucher codes from ShopDonation, otherwise the commission might not be given.
  • Don't make a purchase through a phonecall or livechat, the commission will not be attributed to ShopDonation.
  • Only use supported webbrowsers, which are Google Chrome versions 21+, Firefox versions 15+, Microsoft Edge all, Internet Explorer versions 11+ and Safari versions 6+.
  • The computer contains a virus or malware, which may interfere with tracking. For this we recommend downloading Malware Bytes, that removes possible malware from the computer. Download the free version here:, do a full scan and see what this program finds.
  • The ‘thank you’ page after the purchase hasn't been reached, so that the system of the webshop cannot notify us that the purchase has been completed.
If you've experienced multiple missed sales (very rare), you can try out these tests:

- Use another device as a test to see if the purchase/donation comes through successfully. 
- Use a different browser as a test to see if the purchase/donation comes through successfully.

Comforting reminder when allowing cookies on ShopDonation

ShopDonation never asks for personal information. We only ask for an e-mail address if you create an account on ShopDonation. This is necessary so that you can receive the confirmation of the donation via email. If you prefer not to provide an email address, that’s no problem, you can still donate for free via ShopDonation by shopping without logging in. However, we will not be able to send a confirmation email to you after you make a purchase.

ShopDonation never reveals your email address to other parties, so you will not receive spam or advertising after you have registered with ShopDonation.

Handling missed purchases

It can sometimes take a while before we receive an answer from the webshop regarding a submitted missed purchase. This is unfortunately beyond our control, as it is the webshop that needs to check whether the purchase has indeed come from ShopDonation. We therefore appreciate your patience when dealing with this process.

If, after checking, a purchase is still not assigned to ShopDonation, the above reasons are valid for the affiliates not awarding the commission to us. In any case, we will always continue to ask questions until we receive a clear answer from the webshop, so that we can communicate this back to you. With this information we also want to inform you of how to prevent it from happening again.

The role of ShopDonation

At ShopDonation we of course prefer to receive as many transactions as possible from the webshops and we are therefore on top of it if a purchase does not arrive properly. In addition to the donations we generate, ShopDonation’s modest earnings model also relies on these incoming commissions, which we can use to futher expand our platform.

In order to receive this information about missed purchases, notifications from shoppers are essential so that we can monitor the transactions given to us from the webshops. If this transaction cannot be found in our system, we will contact the webshop to still receive the commission and pay out the donation.

ShopDonation is the only platform where users can receive an email confirmation of a donation after a purchase. In addition, all users and causes can view a live overview of all donations in their account. As a result, missed purchases do not go unnoticed and the highest possible percentage is still converted into donations by ShopDonation.

Read more about how ShopDonation ensures complete transparency regarding all donations and payments.

Do not approach the webshop yourself

The collaboration between the webshop and ShopDonation is only known by the marketing department of the webshop (the collaboration is based on the ''affiliate marketing'' principle, so we are technically part of their advertising). If you approach the customer service of a webshop, they will most likely not know about the cooperation with ShopDonation, unless you speak to someone from the marketing department.

Therefore, it is better to send the missed purchase query to ShopDonation and we will get in touch with our contact person from the webshop to investigate the issue.

Donation confirmation within 48 hours

If you have created an account at ShopDonation and you are logged in when you make a purchase, it can take up to 48 hours before you can see a confirmation of the donation in your account and you have received a confirmation email. If you still have not received a confirmation after these 48 hours, please fill in the contact form.

Purchases with statuses "pending" and "rejected" in account overview.

A registered purchase is initially given the status "pending", because a purchase can often still be returned or canceled. If a purchase is indeed returned or canceled, the status "rejected" will be communicated to us and the amount will be deducted from the total. You can still see these purchases and any assigned status in your overview if you have an account on ShopDonation.

Please note, some webshops initially allocate a purchase to all channels (with status "pending") from which you clicked to the webshop. After investigation, the commission is only awarded to one party, so the other channels receive the status "rejected".

Read the detailed information about the meanings of different transaction statuses here.