Melt Chocolates


Melt makes London's most luxurious chocolates. Our chocolate boutiques are based in the heart of Notting Hill and Holland Park. Our fresh chocolates are handmade by world-class chocolatiers. Melt's unique approach is to have the kitchen in the shop, so you can see your chocolates being made right in front of you. Choose your chocolates and we can gift wrap them for you. Our store appeals to all the senses: sight, touch, smell and of course taste. Watching chocolate being made is fascinating and the smell is intoxicating. 

We source our ingredients from the best producers globally. At Melt, we work closely with chocolate producers. We will only use chocolate that is sourced from companies with strong credentials for supporting the local community and the environment. We are aiming to be 100% completely plastic-free, as we care about our environment and our oceans. Gift a pristine ocean to our children by reducing single-use plastic packaging - Melt has been at the vanguard of this movement for over 15 years.

Our handmade chocolates also include a wide range of Vegan and low sugar products. And the best part is that are equally or even more delicious than ordinary chocolates!

Donation: 6.8%