Social initiatives can receive free money through ShopDonation. You can find the explanation of how this is possible here:

How do you proceed now and what can you expect? It's best to view ShopDonation as a tool that you can use to add an additional revenue stream to your project.

You do this in the first instance by creating your own page here, following which you'll receive your own weblink;  "".


If anyone uses this link to shop online, donations will go to your cause/project (additionally if anyone goes to ShopDonation and chooses your cause, it has the exact same outcome). 

The aim now is to tell as many people as possible about this new opportunity to support your cause for free, funded by their own online shopping. We want to help you as much as possible and therefore have all the tips & tricks with free promotional material available that you can use.

In addition, we promote a "cause of the month" every month via our social media platforms.

Warm circles

Many people shop online now and it is likely that your family and friends do too. If they online shop anyway, they can easily support you for free through ShopDonation (it does not cost them anything extra!). * This also applies if you are a large charity with a big support base. Personal involvement is very important.

In this way, you might already form a small group of routine shoppers, from which your cause can receive recurring donations. Do not forget to thank them of course if they do! :)

The goal now is to make this group of regular shoppers bigger and bigger.

How much will you raise?

This depends largely on how many people shop using your ShopDonation-link. Most purchases generate small donations, since it is proportional to the price of the product that the shopper buys. During Christmas season a lot is bought online, so this is a lucrative period to promote your page/cause.

In addition, there are subscriptions, services and insurances which are at a high cost, resulting in a large donation amounts. These purchases are great ones to encourage your family and friends to do through ShopDonation.

We wish you and your project much success!